Stem Cell Clinic Patient Testimonials

Our goal at Stem Cell Mexico, is to give the best medical experience our patients can have. We offer the best medical service and facilities, so our patients do not feel a difference between U.S.A and Mexico.

Stem Cell Therapy Mexico Patients

Our patients are our biggest advocates, listen to their stories,
questions, doubts, experiences.

Sky – Brain Damage Stem Cell Treatment

Sky is a patient who was diagnosed with brain damaged. After seeking different treatments, her family decided to have stem cell therapy. She was completely unable to move her hands and communicate with her family. After her session, Sky was showing improvement with her motor skills. She understood what the doctor was asking and answer him with a thumbs up, indicating she was thinking better and could move her body the way she wanted to.

Sky – Brain Damage Stem Cell Treatment

Sky is one our patients with cerebral palsy who was being affected in her abilities to walk, talk, think and relate to people around her. After her third stem cel session, Sky has improved her walking skills, especially on her left leg which was one of the most affected areas of her body.

Dean – Stem Cell Treatment Knee Pain

After having osteoarthritis in both knees for a long period of time, Dean search for a treatment to help with the pain and regain proper movement. He decided stem cell treatment was the best option for him. Two days after his first session, he was feeling great because he wasn’t feeling the pain anymore.

Susan – Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Susan is a 65-year-old patient from San Diego that came to Stem Cell Mexico with a very strong case of polymyalgia rheumatic which is a form of arthritis. She was given a 12.5 milligrams of prednisone to stop the pain at a clinic in San Diego but was told she could not take prednisone for too long. She decided Stem Cell Therapy was the best treatment, since it was minimally invasive and did not require more medication.

Alberto de la Fuente – Stem Cell Treatment for Congestive Heart Failure

In his video, our patient Alberto de la Fuente shares he knew one of our doctors before getting his stem cell treatment with us. But after he suffered a heart attack and started to see the aftermath, he came to our clinic for guidance. Our medical team recommended our award-winning Stem Cell Treatment for Congestive Heart Failure. He shares our team explained the whole procedure before they performed it and explained how the stem cells are delivered directly to the heart, to offer the best results possible. Just days after his treatment, he is feeling great. He has more energy through out the day and doesn’t get tired, as often as he did before.

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