Stem Cell Clinic Quality Control & Safety

Allogeneic Stem Cells are progenitor mesenchymal Stem Cells that are produced within our Stem Cell Therapy Institute, they are harvested with essential elements, excluding animal products. In the last 3 years we have modified the formula for the harvesting elements which allows us to constantly improve and avoid products coming from other animals such as Bovine Fetal Serum (SFB).

Stem Cell production is carried out in individual special harvest boxes, which allows us to harvest up to a billion cells per box, with this we ensure every patient is treated with the same cellular standard.

Stem Cell Testing and Quality Control

The Stem Cells produced in the Stem Cell Therapy Institute are submitted to strong quality controls, compared with the quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, among the tests ran on the cells are:

  • Microbiologic Harvest
  • Endotoxin Quantification
  • Mycoplasma Detection
  • Quantification and viability by flow cytometry.
  • Functionality Tests
  • Cytotoxicity Rehearsals

With these processes we ensure that our mesenchymal progenitor cells will not cause adverse reaction, as they are handled in accordance with our strict protocols. The Stem Cell Therapy Bank has more than 10 years of experience in the harvest and preservation of Stem Cells, it also has a Biosecurity 1000 certificate (ISO 6) which is similar to the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) emitted by the FDA in the United States of America.

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