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Stem Cell Mexico Medical Team

Dr Jesus Alberto Perez Blas

MD/Regenerative Medicine

Profile General Practice • Collegiate (Colegio Médico de Tijuana) • Founding Member of Sociedad Mexicana de Medicina Regenerativa (Active) • Experience Laboratory assistant • Bioengineering Lab BE3 • UCSD La Jolla CA 2006 Investigation on protein structures and the formation of proteins specific to the cytoskeleton of human erythrocytes for application in muscular dystrophies.

Dr. Dario E. Garin Zartuche

Orthopedic Doctor and Joint Reconstruction Specialist


  • General Surgeon from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California ( 1991 – 1994).
  • Orthopedic Residency in Universidad Autonoma de Mexico – Centro Nacional de Rehabilitacion (1997 – 2001).
  • Joint Reconstruction Fellowship in Elkhart General Hospital – Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center of Northern Indiana ( 2002).

His private practive in Angeles Hospital in Tijuana was founded in 2006 and it specializes in Orthopedia and Joint Reconstruction. He is an active member of the Mexican Asociation of Orthopedics. In addition, he is an active member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Israel Galindo

Israel is a graduate in clinical chemistry from the bioanalysis department of the Universidad Veracruzana. Since 2013 he has worked at ITC (Instituto de Terapia Celular) stem cell bank as the director of the bank, overseeing all of its activities. Prior to his work at ITC Israel worked at the Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Bank in Mexico City, Criogenix, BIMODI as well as Bioteckcel.
At the umbilical cord stem cell bank in Mexico City ha oversaw processing and infectious serology. His time at Criogenix consisted of assisting in the creation and establishment of this umbilical cord stem cell bank. During his time at Biotekcel he oversaw the cellular cultivation lab and tissue engineering. Aside from his vast experience working in the stem cell field, Israel has assisted to and participated in many conventions and congresses, such as: the XXII Annual Congress of the Mexican Association of Clinical Infectiology and Microbiology, XXIX Mexican Clinical Pathology Congress, first and second International Symposium on Stem Cell Transplants, V course in cryopreservation, second international symposium on stem cells and assisted reproduction, Stem cell International Congresses in Pasadena and San Diego CA, among others.

Clarissa Lenero

Clarissa has a master’s degree in molecular biomedicine sciences from the National Polytechnic Institute. She is currently a lab technician at Instituto de Terapia Celular stem cell bank, her primary duties include processing adipose tissue in order to obtain mesenchymal stem cells, to then cultivate them and prepare them for application to patients.
Prior to her work at ITC stem cell bank she worked at NDI Mexico a preventive medicine lab, there she was the clinician responsible for taking patients samples. Then she was on staff at Hospital San Javier where she was responsible for the Hematology and Coagulation area, working as a clinical analyst in clinical chemistry, hormones, bloodwork and taking blood, gynecological and bacteriological samples. She also worked at CID Centro de Imagen y Diagnostico, at CID she was the head clinical analyst in charge of the hematology and urinalysis areas.

Miguel Ramirez

Miguel is a biochemical engineer who graduated from the Techonolgical Institute of Colima in Mexico. While completing his degree Miguel worked at Instituto de Biomedicina Molecular del Occidente as a lab clinician, taking samples and interpreting test results. After this he worked at C&A Mexico where he oversaw customer service and administrative services.
Upon graduating Miguel began working at ITC Stem Cell Bank as their Quality Control Manager, where he implements safety and security protocols, good manufacturing practices and the HACCP plan. Aside from this he is also tasked with auditing processing areas, creating projections of inventory in order to generate stock, as a preventive measure.

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