Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer (Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy)

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Our Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer involves Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy*, a highly effective autologous cellular treatment that employs the use of dendritic cells, natural killer cells (NK cells), and lymphokine-activated killer cells (LAK cells) to suppress and eliminate malignant cancer cells at higher rates that traditional medicine and other alternative treatments without the use of chemotherapy to avoid toxic side-effects.

Dendritic cells (DCs) are the most potent antigen-presenting cells, and tumor antigen-loaded DCs (DC-vaccines) can activate tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) in lymphatic tissues. DC vaccination is a potent form of cancer immunotherapy and has relevant mechanisms of action. Cancer Immunotherapy is a medically approved cancer treatment that has become one of the preferred cancer management therapies used by today’s top oncologist based on its high efficacy and synergistic capability.

*Other common names used for this cellular therapy are immunotherapy, autologous cellular therapy, anti-cancer vaccines, autologous dendritic cell immunotherapy, differentiated stem cell therapy
Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy: How it Works

Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer FAQ’s (Natural Killer Cells, Dendritic Cell  and Immunotherapy)

Cancer patients from all over the world visit our Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico for the only certified stem cell treatment for cancer using Dendritic Cells, and Natural Killer cells to fight cancer successfully at much higher rates than with conventional chemotherapy and radiation.  Our functional oncology program lead by Dr. Ariel Perez has earned high remarks within the medical community and continues to help cancer patients from all parts of the globe.

Differentiated stem cells such as dendritic cells and natural killer T cells LAK or NK cells is the most promising and innovative approach to provide cancer patients with  a personalized tumor-attack defense system to eliminate cancer through the patients own immune system using immunotherapy. However, non-differentiated stem cells can inversely have a counter effect because cancer cells can benefit from the stem cells natural ability to self-renew to continue to spread across and multiply.

Our stem cell treatment with immunotherapy attempts to harness the power and specificity of the immune system to treat tumours. The molecular identification of human cancer-specific antigens has allowed for the development of antigen-specific immunotherapy. Our approach through Dendritic cell vaccination; is the provision of an antigen together with an adjuvant to elicit therapeutic T cells. Owing to their properties, dendritic cells (DCs) are often called ‘nature’s adjuvants’ and thus have become the natural agents for antigen delivery. After many decades or cancer treatment research, it is now clear that dendritic cells are at the centre of the immune system owing to their ability to control both immune tolerance and immunity. Thus, DCs are an essential target in efforts to generate therapeutic immunity against cancer.

Not all cancer patients are candidates for this type of immunotherapy,  to find out if you are a positive candidate, please fill out our medical history form so that our medical team can provide you a free case evaluation and treatment plan.

This treatment has had enormous success with all stage of cancer specifically stage 4 patients. immunotherapy fights cancer at the cellular level regardless of metastasis. For more information about this, please fill out our medical history form so that our medical staff can evaluate your case for free.

Dendritic cell therapy works best as a synergistic therapy with treatments such as hyperthermia but cannot be combined with other therapies like IPT. Immunotherapy’s proactive nature has made it highly successful where other therapies have fail without the toxic side-effect of chemotherapy. Patients are also required to be off chemotherapy for at least 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after this treatment. For more information about this, please talk to our doctors that will provide a detail treatment plan that is right for you.

Dendritic cells and NK cells proactively seek and attack malignant cells which is a capability that other therapies don’t have, thus the reason why so many of the world’s top oncologist are employing this as part of their strategy for eliminating cancer. Find out if immunotherapy will work best for your specific cancer by filling out our medical history form to have our cancer specialist evaluate your case for free.

One of the main benefits of this therapy is that is done through autologous stem cells from your own body so that there are no risk of rejection or complications. This is a natural cancer treatment to avoid toxic side-effects left by others like chemotherapy. Fill out the medical history form to talk about this and other benefits of immunotherapy for free

Our cancer treatment program is personalized to the needs of each individual case, usually programs run from 10 to 18 days depending on the current condition of the patient, metastasis, medical history and others elements. To get a personalized plan, please fill out the medical history form.

This will depend on your current condition, some patients do require hospitalization but if your condition is fully ambulatory, you may enter the hospital for the cell extraction, return home while the cells are being processed and then return for re-implantation once the cells have been harvested. Find out if you will need hospitalization by filling out our medical history to schedule a free consultation with our cancer specialist who will be able to respond to your specific needs.

Yes, in fact our studies have shown to increase success rates when combined with other therapies. Our approach is a functional treatment approach where we will combine cancer therapies that are best suited and shown high efficacy for your specific cancer case. Find out more details our approach by filling out the medical history form to speak with one our cancer specialist for free.

It depends, if your case does not require hospitalization, yes, you can continue working normally while on the treatment. However, many cases do require in-hospital attention. To find out if you can continue working while on our cancer treatment please fill out our medical history form to have our cancer specialist evaluate your case for free.

Treatment prices vary depending on numerous factors including the current health condition, type of protocol, types of stem cells, number of stem cells needed, application method, inpatient or outpatient program, if requiring hospitalization or operating room and numerous other factors related to each individual case. To get a ballpark idea, packages can range from 10 to 40 thousand dollars.  There are some financial assistance options for those patients that have US private medical insurance that is PPO. Please talk to our case manager to find out more.

Only private medical insurance. If you have an eligible PPO coverage, we work with an independent patient advocacy group that specializes in medical billing to recover the cost of the treatment through reimbursement, in cases up to 80%.

Recovering the cost of the treatment takes between 4 to 15 weeks, each case is different. They can evaluate your case for free in 1-2 days so you can get a better idea of just how much you can recover and your eligibility. Please talk to our case manager for more information.

Please fill our medical history form so that one of our cancer specialist can evaluate your case and let you know if you are eligible or not within 24 hrs. for free.

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